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Apple Shape Fitness Plan


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This 14 day-by-day plan is designed for the body shape of an Apple, which tend to focus carrying extra weight around the abs, so meet Abigail and follow the 14 day guide week plan that helps her reduce inches off her waist in just 2 weeks.
This fun plan consists of links to 14  workout videos (which are from my YouTube Channel-but I have selected the right which will target the key areas for this body shape) all help to speed up your calorie burn, reduce abdominal fat and tone and sculpt your waist. The plan comes with a full 14 day healthy eating guide and a couple of easy to make delicious healthy recipes.

So if you are an Apple Shape and wanting to lose a few inches just like Abigail then this is the plan for you.

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6 reviews for Apple Shape Fitness Plan

  1. Louise Brown (verified owner)

    This is a really great training/eating plan designed specifically for ‘Apple’ shapes. With excellent nutrition advice, motivation and links through to specific targeting workout videos. Its like having your own personal trainer on hand. Absolutely love it Lucy Wyndham-Read is a true inspiration who has done wonders for my weight loss journey and made fitness fun.

  2. Laura (verified owner)

    47 years old and exercising regularly for the first time in my life.

    I have just completed the first two weeks of the Apple Body plan and I’ve already gone from 37.5” to 35” belly measurement (I measure just above my belly button). This is despite perimenopause, low iron and inflammatory arthritis.

    Lucy is the genius of fitness gurus!!!!

    The language she uses, focusing on nutrition and feeling good rather than appearance, all contribute to making the goal feel achievable and fun!!

  3. Sobia

    Hi Lucy,I am 41,have mild insulin resistance and desparately need to lose 5 kilos so not to develop diabetes. I followed your workout on YouTube and loved it.
    I have seen dietitian, followed numerous workouts but with little results. I am obviously an apple shape.Which one is a right plan for me? Need help desperately. You can contact me through my email if u wish.

    • Lucy Wyndham-Read

      Hi Sobia,
      This will be the perfect plan for you and you can also for free follow my new monthly challenge which has just started on my YouTube Channel, as I have a new workout video going up daily and this will help you lose those few kilos. Lucy xx

  4. Tasha Langley (verified owner)

    Great Program!. I’m diagnosed with Graves Disease ( Autoimmune Disease) and I bought the Apple Shape plan after remembering the
    success I had a year ago with Lucy’s 7 day challenge. I’m half way through and have already lost 1 1/2 inches. I can easily follow the exercises or modify them even with the fatigue Graves can cause. . I definitely will be looking to purchase other programs from her.:)

  5. Linda Noel (verified owner)

    I did the Apple plan and my belly flattened out and my legs skimmed down. Will now continue on to the menopause plan because need to keep my metabolism moving. Simple great moves for anybody to get I workout done fast and see results.

  6. Adriana (verified owner)

    Love this fitness 😍 plan!! specially designed if you are apple shape..well combined workouts with healthy eating plan.. i find it so easy to follow yet very motivating thank you Lucy you are amazing💜💜..lost inches especially around tummy area feeling fitter and ready for another step..need to lose last few pounds ..👀Lucy which plan would you recommend to lose last stubborn fat please? Xx

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