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This plan has 12 different exercise-at-home workouts that are all high fat-burners and all take less than 5 minutes, so even the laziest person can find the motivation to complete these. And to speed up the weight loss, the 4-week plan has some easy-to-make slimming recipes, and even the roll-out-of-bed morning workout.

So everything you need is in here, with 12 full-length videos, all suitable for every single fitness level.

  • 12 Home Workout Videos – everything from fat-loss workouts, to toning your arms, abs, booty, and thighs
  • Top Weight Loss and Lifestyle Hacks
  • Super quick Slimming Workouts with a video for easy-to-make low fat healthy pizza and low calorie breakfast muffins
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2 reviews for Lazy Girl Workout

  1. Linda (verified owner)

    I’m a 23 year old girl and I believe that I had spent he last 10 years of my life not feeling comfortable in my body.

    In my teens I felt like I tried everything to lose weight; some stomach-filling pills, several shakes that replaced meals, not eating dinner (and thinking I would wake up thinner) and other absolutely ridiculous things that never worked. I never wanted to work out, I told myself: „I’ll do that when I lost some weight, so I won’t look like the fat kid doing sports.“ Which was just stupid, but I bought a gym membership anyway and went just 4 times.
    Then, I actually gained 10kgs (is that 22lbs?) in the last few years which was the very famous yo-yo effect

    This summer I discovered Lucy, and she literally changed my life! I don’t even know where to begin…

    I just finished the „lazy-girl’s plan to drop a dress size“ and not only did my butt finally lift up, und my arms don’t wobble so much anymore, but I also had some serious changes in my lifestyle: I don’t crave pasta at 10pm anymore, I haven’t had chocolate in 4 weeks because I feel like a banana is sweet enough for me, and I don’t need 5 cups of coffee a day! Just to name a few.
    I also don’t sleep until 11 o’clock anymore whenever I can sleep in! That has never happened in my entire life before! I have so much energy and I don’t need 45mins to finally get out of bed. I just feel good and comfortable and actually motivated to follow another workout plan and I even look forward to it!
    Apparently, I lost more than 2kg (I think that’s about 5lbs) without dieting but I don’t care about a number on a scale anymore. I feel good and want to keep it that way with Lucy’s YouTube channel and webiste.

    I just want to let everyone know that Lucy’s way of coaching women is the most sustainable and effective one, compared to all those thousands of fitness-guru’s over the internet.

    I can’t thank her enough for changing my life in the best way possible. It’s not a pitstop, it’s a lifestyle.

  2. malak

    i like it

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