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So if you want to lose stubborn belly fat then this is the plan for you, with over 12  easy to follow home  workout videos  (that are suitable for every fitness level and every age) and set over a 4 week plan you can expect to see some amazing results.

This plan is an EBOOK, which has links to exercise videos &  nutrition plan designed to melt off belly fat.

As your trainer I take you through day by day the workouts you should  be doing. The combination of all  the workouts I have created will help with losing belly fat as we focus on ways to increase your natural calorie burn, I also take you through some easy to follow toning workouts, these help turn up your bodies ability to burn fat. We also look at doing ab toning routines to start shaping and sculpting your muscles. Then to really ensure we get maximum results you have 5 Flat Belly Breakfasts, Snacks, Lunches and Dinners and some added extras.

And as I always say to my clients it is a combination of cardio, toning and nutrition and do all 3 and then you are guaranteed results. So no matter what age or what level of fitness, as I cater for everyone from the complete beginner to the fitness bunny this plan will work for you. It comes in the form of a download via email, then you simply open it up and read the booklet and click on the videos every time to do the workout. This never expires, so you have this plan for ever,  so you can always keep off the belly fat with this. YOU CAN PURCHASE THIS BELOW WITH A CREDIT CARD VIA PAYPAL (even if you don’t have a PayPal account)

12 reviews for Lose Belly Fat Plan

  1. Yvonne (verified owner)

    Hi Lucy, I am very happy with your sports programs,
    LOSE ARM FAT AND TONE YOUR ARMS and LOSE BELLY FAT PLAN are great and you just feel that it works.
    Thank you very much and I live in the Netherlands.

  2. Arpana kumari

    How can I buy this ?? I m from india

    • Lucy Wyndham-Read

      You simply click on the buy button and this allows you to purchase the book worldwide 🙂 Lucy xx

  3. Sagrario Encarnacion

    Hi Lucy. I being doing your videos on youtube and I love them. I will purchase the Lose belly fat plan and hopefully it will work for me since that is my biggest problem

  4. sri priya

    Hi Lucy.

    I just recently liked your videos

    It is very effective the way your approach..and it is easy..

    nowdays ,therd are so many products out in the market that promises rapid weight loss fast

    But i personally feel that,the best way is gradually weight lose..and all your workout seems easy and effective.

    I am from Malaysia..is there any diet based on Asian Food?

    I need to lose weighg
    i feel you are right trainer for me
    to achive my goals within 9 months time.

    Thank you

  5. latanya combs

    HI lucy I have been doing this for that last three days and Im loving the easy motivated workouts

  6. Manon Williams

    HI Lucy

    I think your workouts are fantastic, and the way you present them are fab! After not doing anything over the winter months, you have motivated me to get going again, and I have seen good results!

    The 7 minute workout (different move for each minute) has been especially effective for me, and I’ve stuck well to this, as it fits in with a busy full time work schedule!

    Also the 3 minute abs toning video has worked well for me! I can remember the moves, and so can do these where ever I am!

    I’ve also bought your Healthy recipe book which has been brilliant, and easy to follow!

    Big, big thank you!

  7. MYLEE


  8. Joyce muthoni

    Would like to buy this..is it downloadable or shipped..i live in Kenya.

    • Lucy Wyndham-Read

      This is an instant download :)) Lucy xx

  9. Ana Luisa Pedro

    Hi Lucy, I am from Portugsl and I Love your workouts. Simple and effective. Thank you, you make me feel like I can do it 😊

  10. Rahema junaid

    Hi Lucy u done great job thank u I become such a fan of yours by the help of ur videos it help me so much thank you so much😄

  11. Jürgen Merk

    Hi Lucy
    Thank you for your Workouts. I love them very much , do them 5-6 Times a Week ,already lost about 6 kg .You are Amazing make me do it

  12. Andrea Sanpietro (verified owner)

    I originally purchased this fantastic plan in May of 2018 trying to kick-start “toning up” for my first trip to Las Vegas. I’ve had a “pooch” and back fat handles no matter how in shape I became over the years…. And my results were shocking. I dropped from an 8-10 US size to a 6 US size but the muscle definition and energy it gave me floored me. As a 47 year old, perimenopasusal woman I held my head high on that trip and felt like I had 20 years previously!!!!!

    I’ve started this plan again because I need the structured, realistic, and highly empowering help that I find only Lucy provides through her videos and wise words. She is correct about fitness and wellness going hand in hand (mind, body, spirit-eating, exercise and self help).

    She’s the real deal 🙂

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