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As a trainer specialising in Perimenopause and Menopause Weight Loss and Health, I have devised this unique 21 day- by-day menopause makeover online course to help you look and feel incredible. Please note if you are vegetarian you can once purchased, then request the vegetarian  plan.

Everyday you get a short  video  from me with a full explanation of what to do on that day, so it is super simple to follow along to the healthy eating plan, workout and even homemade beauty treatment. Because my goal as your trainer is to get you looking fabulous from head to toe. As a trainer I have a unique method that gets amazing results is short periods of time at home.

The  exercise videos are already on my Youtube channel, but I have selected out of my 900 videos the right ones to help in weight loss throughout the menopause,  the ones in this plan help rebalance your hormones which in turn will help increase your metabolism, so this is how you can easily lose weight.You don’t need any equipment. Within the eating plan I have selected the foods rich in the macro and micro nutrients you need to help through this change in our body. So it is as simple as everyday just follow the plan, and you will be thrilled with your menopause makeover. And of course you have this plan for a lifetime so you can re do this if you want to lose more weight.

4 reviews for Menopause Makeover Course

  1. Jacqui Taylor

    Just finished this course today. It is an absolute must to get you started with moving on from Menopause. Lucy takes you through food, exercise and fabulous treats every day. Just loved the personal message every day and the motivational lifts. A whole new future beckons where Menopause is managed. It is a must have. Thank you Lucy. With your help and now this course I have lost 2 stone and a total of 11 inches. I also feel fabulous you are a star. XxX

  2. Julie (verified owner)

    After having success with several of Lucy’s workouts and more recently the 4 minute menopause metabolism workout I decided to purchase and follow this course. All I can say is it has been fantastic for me. I loved the daily motivation from Lucy, and the meal plans, ideas and treats have been invaluable. I have been reintroduced to foods I had forgotten about and it is so easy to follow and simple. I love the fact that all the relevant workouts specifically to target the menopause are selected for me – as there are a lot of Lucy’s fantastic videos to go through, so that has made it so worthwhile. The main thing is this has made me consistent (okay, I may have swapped a day or two around to fit in with being away etc but I still found it gave excellent results). Lucy was also so helpful when I had a query and I really appreciate that. It is great to know this is from a trusted, reliable, lovely source who really knows what they are talking about. I have lost weight and several inches around my waist, feel much more energised and my hot flushes have noticeably decreased Thank you so much! xxx

  3. Salma

    I finished this 21 day menopause course.🏅🏵🏋️‍♂️ I lost 7 pounds during.(Thanks to beautiful Lucy)🥰. I have to confess that I cheated some days so I mean if I would be more strict probably I had been lost more.🙀 I like this diet because still we are allowed to use rice, bread and pasta ( of course whole wheat). 🤪😋And you do workout during but most of the time is very short so it can fit everybody’s schedule.
    The food menus are so yummy. You learn lots of new yummy and healthy recipes😋.
    Lovely Lucy answered my questions during my diet so I was confident that she is there when I have something on my mind.
    I like to tell you that I am starting second course of this diet. I think l like to continue till I get to my desired weight. 🥰🤩🤗
    Thanks Lucy. You’re awesome trainer. 💋🏅

  4. Stacy Sachetti Bachinsky (verified owner)

    This was the best course for a woman going through the menopause. Not just the workouts, but Lucy’s inspirational words and nutrition tips are the best. I feel like myself again. I will continue doing a Lucy workout everyday. It IS my lifestyle now. Thank you sooooo much Lucy. You have changed my life.

    Forever grateful,


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